Content Block Preview: Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • Sustaining Hope for the Anti-Trafficking Movement

    Join us on January 13 at 11:00am Washington, DC time for a live streamed panel discussion on the future of the anti-trafficking movement. Hear from a group of current and former U.S. Department of State Ambassadors of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking about strategies to end human trafficking and how we can sustain hope in the new year and moving forward.

  • MentorTalks: Starting a Successful NonProfit

    Starting a new enterprise can require a lot of work – from identifying one’s business goals to mapping out a detailed marketing strategy. Transforming an idea into a business is no easy feat. On this upcoming MentorTalks episode, Julia and Brian will share their tips and strategies, and discuss how they harnessed their exchange experience to hone their craft and expand their professional network. What would you like to ask them? Visit @internationalexchangealumni on Facebook and send us your questions, tagging #MentorTalks.